Hey look! I remembered to update!

At times like this, aka finals time I feel like Colin the dog, from Spaced.


Nah I really don’t, I just had that scene stuck in my head and wanted an excuse to post it.

Today was the “last” day of my internship this semester.  I air quote last because I’ll probably be returning next semester cause I’ll have separation anxiety.  For those who don’t know the four one one, I was interning at Perception which focuses primarily on broadcast advertising but as of late has been working their way into the world of film.  I’d tell you the film, but I’d have to kill you (I signed an NDA).  Trust me, you know it, and you probably will see it when it’s out.

Here’s their site, check out their reel: http://perceptionnyc.com

It’s funny cause I remember the editor choosing to use MGMT’s Kids in this reel.  He kept humming the tune all week.

Speaking of tunes, I was just browsing some of my old folders and came across one named “Rock Robot”.  Naturally (since the word robot and rock we’re used within the same folder name) I opened it and found an old song I made in the days I thought I could make songs.  It makes me feel late 80s early 90s.

Click here for the Rock Robot.

I just put my foot down on the floor cause it started getting the tinglies and the floor beneath it crunched.  What I should say is the various food particles dropped on the floor beneath my feet crunched.  Man, I really gotta clean that stuff up….naaaaaah.   Okay I’ll wrap up this post with a random drawing of a horse and a hula hoop.  That way when I post it on Facebook I can have that image appear next to it.

Hula YAY!



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You still sound stupid when you say the word “blog”

Okay, so I’m not that good at committing to doing things, such as blogging.  Most of the time it’s cause I know no one gives a crap what I do during a day, except maybe for my boyfriend, but even then he probably also is just as disinterested but being polite.  But for the two, or three people who actually want to know, I’m gonna give this another go.  Mostly cause I don’t wanna constantly be updating my Facebook status and looking like I have too much free time.

Funny thing is, I don’t really, have that free time thing.  That’s my fault though for saying, “hey, I’d be ok doing an internship and grad school at the same time!”  I mean, I made it through the semester but the only days I’d have “free” were Sat and Sun.  And sorry, but Ryan gets dibs on those days.  Wait let me reword that.  I want to see Ryan on those days, no negotiations.  He’s the only reason I’ve stayed sane enough with all the happenings.

I’m gonna chop this inevitably long entry into many paragraphs so the lazy can skip to the next subject if the previous bores them.  So anyway, what have I been doing for the better part of this semester.  Well just that, school.  And internship.  Oh and acclimating to living in Manhattan.

Before I moved here everyone kept saying “i wish I could move there”.  I really don’t know why though.  I don’t particularly like it here much.  My main two problems are as follows: It’s dirty as fuck and there are no A&Ps.

Part one: the dirtiness.  I’m not exagerating when I say it’s dirty as fuck.  I leave my dorm everyday with perfectly clean nails and by the time I’m out of the subway up at 23rd st.  under my fingernails is jet black.  And I try my best not to use the hand rails on the subway or subway staircases.  So where is the dirt coming from?  I say it’s just in the air at all times and you’re fucked once you take a step outside.

Part two: no A&P.  It may sound like a petty imperfection given all the stores in Manhattan, but there aren’t even really any derivatives close enough to an A&P.  What I mean is this, I’m living a typical dorm life where all I have is a microwave and a fridge.  So I’m left mostly with frozen dinners as my only choice for sustenance.  Seriously.  It ain’t a healthy way to live but given my lack of free time, it’s all I can do.  Yea I know there are Whole Food markets and one extremely small extremely crowded (the lines literally wrap around the store) Trader Joes, but I don’t really like them.  A) they’re over priced and B) they’re pretentious.  I am not a vegan.  I am not concerned about processed food.  I like my traditional tv dinners.  These “fancy” markets and such do not cater to this diet.  They cater to people with kitchens and a stove.  I can’t even have a toaster oven in my room since it’s against code.  At Ramapo I lasted with this setup mostly because of A&P.  So where do I shop?  Duane Reade.  A fucking pharmacy.  So I’m limited to snacks and ramen.  They have frozen dinners but they are a little too frozen.  AKA frost bitten and untastey.

Okay enough about food, I’m actually on a somewhat diet right now so I don’t want to wake up my beast of a stomach.  Damn it just growled.  Anyway, I’m probably writing this blog entry because I’m mostly bored.  See, it’s finals week right now and I’m doing my final rendering for my compositing class, which is my last project that is due.  It’s due on Monday, so I started the final 3D renders today.  Let’s see, I started the first one at 3pm and it’s still going.  It’s 11pm.  The animation is only 15 secs long, and it’s averaging between 2-4 minutes per frame.  Let’s see, there are 29.97 frames per second in video, I gotta render 560.  I’m at 199.  I hope that it’ll be done by the time I wake up.  but that’s wishful thinking.  More than likely it’s gonna crash.  This laptop is not made for high end rendering.

Okay, this is all I can manage to type for now.  If you read this far, you also must be very bored.  We can be bored friends together.  Unite!

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What’s goin’ on?

Ok so all aspirations of writing have been put on hold for awhile.  Instead I’ve delved back into the animating world and am creating a 15 sec short for Nickelodeon’s “15 seconds to fame” contest.  The winner gets moolah and gets to work with Nickelodeon to make a 2 min. short based on your 15 sec short.  Hell, might as well try.

So I’ve chosen to use Koco and Kerc out of my wide range of crazy characters I’ve developed over the years.  Koco and her team are probably the most known of my characters cause of that silly comic book i started writing.  Don’t worry, I’ll find my way back to that too, I just need creative breaks every now and again, which is another reason i stopped writing for now.  I guess my brain just fries itself out every once and awhile and i need to reset, so I usually move onto another area of creativity.  ANYWAY, these are the test vectors of the characters.  They will change over the progress of the animation and probably will look nothing like they do now.  But at least the concept is conveyed with the style approach.  BTW keep reading this blog cause I’ll update it with stuff pertaining to the animation process.  Consider it a behind the scenes tour of what I go through to make an animation, the Laura Keller way.

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Illusive organization

The following methods of organization have proved futile for me: tables, drawers and hangers.  My clothes are organized into a pile in a basket.  The clothes I don’t wear make their way messily into those evil drawers of mine, never to be seen again.  Sometimes I root through them under the pretense that I may have accidentally packed away a gem, but every time I look, I’m reminds of the many ugly clothes I’ve bought in the past.

My mom tried to get me to hang my clothes up as a child.  It never stuck.  The pile proved more useful and expedient.  You may ask about wrinkles.  I simply do not buy clothes that wrinkle easily.  If there are wrinkles, either I say fuck it and where it anyway or throw it into the dryer with a wet washcloth.  Does the trick every time.  I do own an iron and use it a whopping two times each year.

Tables and surfaces are used only when in a close range.  If not close, I simply use the floor.  The case of the matter is, I am organized.  I know where things are at all times.  My purse?  On the floor under my jacket.  My phone?  Buried under papers loosely strewn about my desk.  My nintendo ds which I rarely use can always be found on my night stand, a stack of games on top of it.  For you see, humble reader, my room may look like a shithole at times, but if you ask me for that USB printer cable, I will know where to find it.  Two bins down at the bottom in a bummy Old navy plastic bag.  Wey.

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Work attempt part deux

Lets see if it I work today.  Maybe I will, I’ve been a right ol’ couch potato for like 3 days straight.  It’s kinda sad, but necessary at times.  Saying potato reminded me of an old Lord of the Rings spoof.  Here’s it is:

Cause of this video I can’t say potatoes normally anymore.  Thanks a lot you damn hobbit.

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Weird dream/ Work time

I had a dream.  It was strange cause it was one that felt real…ish.  I think it was Jess, not sure which friend, but someone told me that gmail chat was “going back to” separate window chat mode.  They thought that the in browser chat mode was too “destructive”.  Of course dream me thought this was practical, but I remember thinking, “Oh man, this sucks.”  By the way, Gmail never had a “separate window” chat mode like AIM before what they have now.  I mean they have the option to “pop out” the chat into a new window, but the in browser set up is still the primary.  My brain’s logic is weird sometimes.  Oh I also had another mall dream after this one.  I always have these freaky mall scenario dreams where the mall is this very complex maze of some sort.  And it’s near closing and I have yet to find an outfit I like.  But I NEED to get an outfit.  I think this is from my pre teen years when I would spend hours trying on stuff, hating it, then never buying anything at clothes stores.  I was a very insecure teen.  People that have been shopping with me nowadays know I rarely try things on anymore.  I hate changing rooms cause of my teen years.

On another note, I promised my mom that if she works on her website today, I’ll work on my book.  I’ve been taking a break from it for like two days now, despite me saying I was gonna write those chapters.  Ug it’s 12:30 and I’m still in my PJs.  I really gotta get changed, but staying at hope a bunch makes me wonder why I have to go through the process of dressing when I’m basically not doing anything public.  Ug, fine I’ll get dressed, geez stupid conscious.  Oh and remember that book I said I was gonna try out, the Seeds of Time.  Well, it’s an awesome book.  Non stop read for me now.  Took me awhile to get attached to the characters, but I’m liking it now.  The story is about the future of Earth where we have to travel through time and to other worlds to find plant life to replant on Earth because Earth is dying.  The cool thing about the time travel is that they travel to the past from near Earth, arriving near other planets because the Galaxy revolves in a way over time so if you travelled to the past from here, you wouldn’t wind up near Earth.  That was a mouthful.  Or should I say type-full.  Nah that doesn’t work.  I’m gonna stop writing now.  WEY!

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Procrastinators Anonymous: we’ll meet at some point

Still not doing the things I’m supposed to be doing.  I go through the motions of cleaning my room but find myself either back on my computer or on my xbox.  I haven’t been this lazy it a long while.  I also hate everything I wear all of a sudden.  I don’t know how many outfits I’ve gone through AND I’M NOT EVEN GOING ANYWHERE TODAY.  It doesn’t make sense.  I did get a cool raincoat from my grandma today.  It used to be hers.  My mom and her sister were sorting through her stuff yesterday.  I also got a lot of jewelry.  My grandma loved pearls.  And now I have 8 pearl necklaces to choose from.

I guess I should go do some work.  Damn America, making people feel guilty about being lazy.

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